Tuesday, June 9, 2009

57th Street Art Fair a huge success!

This past weekend Rapt in Maille exhibited in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago for the 57th Street Art Fair. It was a rocky start for me, because I showed up with JUST enough time to set up my booth, but then discovered that someone was already set up in my spot! The show double booked space #26, grrrrrrr. And it was a corner spot, which I had requested. So they finally placed me in a booth (not a corner, unfortunately, but it worked out) which was across the street and down a bit from my original assignment. A little late setting up, but not many people around at that time anyway.

Once the people showed up (not long after I was finished displaying my jewelry!), it was gangbusters until the end of the day - hooray! The unfortunate part of the day was the chilly weather - I had a t-shirt, a heavy hoodie, and a quilted jacket on and was still cold! Was wishing I had brought gloves - but who knew - in JUNE? That crazy Chicago weather......

Sunday's sales were almost as great as Saturday's, and the weather was a BIT warmer. Overall a fantastic show! Hyde Park is beautiful, and it's residents were lovely as well.

I partly forgot, and partly had no time to take photos of this show, so I'll have to make sure to take some at this weekend's event - Wells Street Art Festival! Another great show - hope to see you out in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood!

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