Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Indie Designer Market on Randolph Street

Wow, we lucked out with the weather for this Memorial Day weekend's art fair! Sunny and 70's, couldn't be much better. This weekend kicked off the Chicago Antique/Indie Designer Market, which happens now once a month until September (however, I only exhibited for this month's opening show). You can really find some great stuff here with a mix of independent artists and antique dealers. Booths are both outside and inside Plumber's Hall near Randolph and Ogden. Saturday sales were fantastic, however, Sunday proved to have mostly browsers, which was disappointing, but an OK show overall - easy to do, great weather, in town.

I'm on the wait-list for Summerfair in Cincinnati this weekend, so I'm just waiting for that last-minute call that someone cancelled - and maybe I'll be next in line! Not holding my breath, but it sure would be nice to get that phone call! I've never done an art fair in Ohio, and I'd love to expand my customer base there.....most likely, I'll be home stocking up for the next shows - 57th Street in Hyde Park and then Wells Street! Two huge shows back to back, and very much anticipated!

Here's some shots from the Indie Designer Market.....until next time!

Me in the booth - I also hung up my mother's handmade windchimes (right) that she assembles from vintage silverware, glass cups, and other odds and ends. They are really cool!

Mike the patient helper

Looking east.....

Looking west.....

Melissa Kolbusz of Wired...set up inside Plumber's Hall

Pistol Bazaar's booth - visit the store at 1717 W. Chicago Ave!

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