Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Wells Street Adventure

As always, Wells Street was an adventure in my own town. It's known as a spectacular show for artists, but also grueling load-in/set-up, longer hours, and lots of "happy" drunk folks enjoying the festival to be patient with (Note: Best Drunk Pick-up Line overheard at Wells Street: "So...you wanna be able to say you got pregnant in Chicago?" Yuck.) In other words, it can be trying as an artist, but well worth any pitfalls that may arise, including WEATHER.

This year we had rain from early morning until about 2pm on Saturday. However, setting up in the rain is nothing new for an artist, and thank go
d I had my newly purchased raincoat. After 2pm, the sun and the people emerged, and it was back to business. (Morning hours were mostly spent hopping from booth to booth saying hello to fellow artists. We gotta keep each other company during the rain!) Eventually, Wells Street became Wells Street, and Mike and I were busy helping customers until about 9pm. Needless to say, we were exhausted, but happy. We went home to order a pizza and I fell asleep waiting for delivery. I woke up to eat 2 pieces and went promptly back to bed ;)

Sunday's weather was absolutely g
orgeous! It really was the perfect art show weather. Sunny, high 70's, no wind. Perfect to wear jeans and a t-shirt and be comfortable (my personal favorite kind of weather. Mike would prefer it slightly more chilly). People who missed the show Saturday due to the weather came out in droves for Sunday, so we were swamped all day. A great, great show! Here are some pics to document the weekend - enjoy!

See you at the next festival:
Fountain Square in Evanston in 2 weeks - June 27-28.

Saturday morning, around 9:30am, Mike walking back from finding parking to help finish set-up. A dismal looking start to an art festival, but word on the street is we just have to hold out until about 2pm.....

Booth set-up and ready to go....now all we need are customers....

Layered up, raincoat on, hot tea in hand. When will summer actually start?

View down the street Saturday morning. A few dedicated art patrons out with umbrellas. My booth was right next to fried goodness, which I avoided (for the most part).

A nice couple stops to wave at my picture :) Sun finally came out after 2pm as predicted!

I believe this was Sunday morning. A stark contrast to Saturday morning. And part of my beloved Chicago skyline in the background....

Ah, there's the crowd I like to see....

I had to take a picture of my booth sign Sunday evening that was half out of its plastic sleeve. I felt just how that sign looked. Exhausted and haggard, ha ha.

CHEERS! A free brew from the nice guy at the beer tent across the way. Jewelry packed up, displays half packed up, one curtain down.....

This is seriously hard work after a long weekend on your feet dealing with all the elements....my booth almost broken down, around 9:30pm. We got home around 10:30pm, and just missed the last showing of the season premiere of True Blood. Darn it. No fretting, we saw it last night and it was great :)

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