Thursday, December 31, 2009

A resolution of sorts, and reflection.

Well, it's New Year's Eve, 2009, and I thought I'd finally give up on catching up with blogging. What I mean is, my mind keeps telling me that I can't write anything on here until I have time to start where I left off, which was really back in early August after the Minneapolis show. Since then, I'd have to report on Bucktown Arts Fest, Penrod, Starving Artists, Rockford, Lakeview East, St. James Court, and then all the holiday shows. What can I say? Things just got really, really busy, and that's excellent! But I can't just not write ANYTHING because I am not current with my show experiences, etc. Lost opportunities for writing, like my big October photo shoot with Audrey Keller Photography, slipped through the cracks. Ah well, I am still kinda new to this blogosphere, and I guess I have to allow myself some failures.

The good news is, things will slow down a bit here for late winter/spring, (I keep telling myself, anyway), and I might attempt to re-visit some lost opportunities. It just might be good for the soul to get back to reporting on summer during the cold winter months...

So now, as I sit here still in my pj's, I will reflect on 2009, and what a great year it was for
Rapt in Maille. My best out of 11 art fair seasons. Awards won, sales records broken, and lots of new fans. I count myself very, very lucky...and grateful. Thanks to everyone who has supported my work past and present, and I look forward to an even more successful and adventurous 2010....

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